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Iron overload caused by arthritis, cancer and diabetes - the real cause of many diseases undiagnosed

Why should anyone worry about iron overload diseases? What is iron that makes it a particular concern for human health? Everyone should take Geritol?

Many who are of age we have to take care of the serious illness of iron overload are old enough to remember the television advertising campaign for the Geritol tonic stain alcohol and iron. In 1950, it could open the newspaper and see an ad with a woman sitting in a chair leaning against an ironboard. The caption read: "After the flu throat, colds and sore, if you feel exhausted and tired blood, take Geritol." The table below you can see the same woman with a radiant smile, his company of iron in the air, with the caption: "I feel stronger faster in excellent condition"

In 1970, the Lawrence Welk Show popular provided a place where a woman sing husband admires national skill Geritol-swigging and then, with eyes like a puppy Mi, "wife - I think. Keeping "Geritol became an anchor for each age comedy character of Fred Sanford Archie Bunker Hundreds of millions of people who have heard the iron supplement motto." When you have your health, you have almost everything. "

Unfortunately for the 2.5 million or more of us are becoming the twenty-first century, iron Geritol generation, not help us to maintain our health. For those of us who have various conditions that make our bodies absorb or contain unusual amounts of iron,decades of iron overload that leads to rust literal. And as the host does not realize that it's time to get packing, iron accumulates in parenchymal organs, brain, colon, liver, lungs, pancreas and skin, in particular, resulting in an incredible variety of health problems .

There are dozens of diseases that cause excessive accumulation of iron. The most common of these United States, although it is often not diagnosed, is hereditary hemochromatosis. In this genetic disease,colon is unusually permeable to iron.

Iron overload is often a complication of sickle cell disease, sickle cell anemia that occur are destroyed and release of iron. It s a complication of another blood disease, beta-thalassemia. results siderosis African iron overload, alcohol abuse and viral hepatitis. E ', in the aftermath of the aceruloplasminemia, atransferrinemia, metabolic syndrome, iron overload, hemochromatosis, fatty liver, child, neonatal hemochromatosis, and the enzymedisease. It can be caused by breathing (working with asbestos products, polished steel, iron ore and snuff smoke inhalation), ingestion (eating foods fortified with iron, eating too much red meat, alcohol used in excess and iron supplements), injection (oxidized metal walking several blood transfusions), and decompartmentalisation (destruction of red blood cells or liver tissue destruction).

Iron overload can overwhelm the endocrine glands, joints, heart andthe liver. It can cause arthritis, diabetes and bronzed skin. It can cause erectile dysfunction, infertility, loss of the external sex organs, early menopause and hypothyroidism. Can lead to cancer, heart attacks and deadly infections.

Some people with the disease of iron overload are not diagnosed. Some people, like my father die of fatal infections a few weeks after diagnosis in their ninth decade of life. Symptoms can appear 25 or 55 years. The courseiron overload diseases is different from person to person. All diseases of iron overload, however, require medical treatment.

This does not mean that there is nothing you can do. The diet makes a difference. A number of nutritional supplements to augment what the doctor can do to help control the symptoms of iron overload. Two nutritional supplements also appear to act as chelating agents, although caution should be used.

The first important step, however, is always an accurate diagnosis.The U.S. Centers for Disease Control found that in a group of about 3000 people who had hereditary hemochromatosis, more than 67 percent had received correct diagnoses before being correctly diagnosed as a disease of iron overload. They saw an average of three doctors and waited an average of 9 years before receiving the correct diagnosis. Therefore, in my next post, we'll see how to know if there is a disease of iron overload.

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